The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms - N.K. Jemisin

It's sad to find a book that I know would have really enjoyed, hadn't the reading experience been ruined by the prose.


The novel itself is a solid fantasy story, and hits quite a few tropes and arguments that I enjoy.


I expected to have fun with it, but sadly I found the writing too confusing to follow without having to stop and re-read a few pages back - and not just a few times, but constantly. I also slowed down my reading pace, thinking that would have helped, but even that didn't make much of a difference. The paragraphs felt more and more convoluted as I went on, and even after just finishing the book there are a few parts I just can't remember well, though that might be because of how long it took me to get through it.


Which is a pity, because the author can write some very evoking passages, and the story itself is very good.