City of Flowers - Mary Hoffman

I enjoyed the first book in this series, and found the second a really amazing book and a substantial improvement over its predecessor. Because of this I had expected this one to be a bit of a disappointment, so I decided to let some time pass before tacking this last book, but it still felt like it ended on a minor note.


Before writing down this post I decided to skim through the two previous books, just to freshen up my memories of it, and the feeling remained. For once, the prose was much more similar to that of the first than that of the second, which I found much better. I imagine it's because there was a different editor on the second, or it just had more work and rewriting done. Still, it does stick out pretty clearly in the three books.


But the thing that felt a bit off for me was just how crowded with characters and their subplots this novels is; there are enough things going on to write two books, or at least a much longer one.


All this said, I like the character of Sky and thought he had an interesting backstory, though I found the way it was resolved not as much. Things mostly happen to him, and the wrap-up was a bit saccharine for my tastes - even if, after everything that happened to Lucien, Georgia and Falco in the other two books, something less dramatic was. The political intrigue in Talia was a real page turner, and more than made up for the parts that didn't do much to involve me. I look forward to get through the second trilogy, to see where that goes, and re-read through the first three books back to back.