The woman who stole my life - Marian Keyes

This is the second book from Marian Keyes I've read, the first being "This charming man". "The woman who stole my life" is a much more lighthearted read, and a really enjoyable one albeit with a couple of reservations.


The plot is about how the main character, Stella Sweeny, after period in hospital due to a rare disease, gets relatively lucky after a book she accidentally authored gets in the hands of someone relatively important, and she and her family come to enjoy a year of relative success and luxury, and some actual huge changes in her life - all thanks to a man who spurred the very first of these changes.


Compared to "This charming man", this is definitely more of a chick-lit book, but written much better than average. A lot of interesting twists and turns make this a real page turner, never boring and, except for a couple of obvious tropes that can be seen coming from miles but that have to be there given the genre, never predictable.


That said, however, there are also a couple of moments where the main character doesn't seem to think things through - which, while understandable in a few occasions, given her situation, is also a bit irritating. Not that these don't have consequences, mind you.


But I really enjoyed my time with this book, despite a few moments. And it was refreshing to see a story with women in their forties that, while having their subplots end with them being in a relationship with a different man than the one they had at the start, aren't the typical soured and embittered middle-aged women that just need the right person to make them kind again.